We MUST understand him. The gunman is white. It was his legitimate concerns that made him kill.

Fuck the news channels. Fuck the newspapers. And if you don’t see the problem, fuck you too.

A white man who had a lot of problems had to use a gun to shoot some other people who had fewer problems than him and were probably women who should have fucked him if they didn’t want him to murder them.

A white man who had a hard time in a world that is built to enable the advancement of white men and who had been waited on hand-and-foot by his mother killed some… I guess, people? They were black and he was white so it’s just not the same. He had prospects. They were just statistics.

A white man is a gunman. A brown man is a terrorist.
That’s the rules, you see.

White men have legitimate concerns about how gay people have rights now.
White men have legitimate concerns about ‘the blacks’.

White men have checked the flag and say the Union Jack contains no black — though no one has told them that it’s only a jack when it’s on a boat. Let’s throw the racists in the drink and see how well they float.

A white man died. Some other people were there. They are also dead. He shot himself in the head. They… well, something happened. Something to do with legitimate concerns.

The war started years ago. The newspapers don’t want to mention it. The white man was a nice boy, treated his mother well, white men can kill with impunity, they will never go to hell.

Writer, editor and internet arguer.

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