The result of the Presidential election proves… something, something about the Left being to blame

As the conclusion of the 2020 US Presidential election drags on, the usual suspects pressed publish on the columns they had ready regardless of whoever won.

It’s Choose-Your-Own-Shitty-Adventure for right-wing columnists:

Option A
Joe Biden barely winning the Presidential election proves the Left is to blame.


Option B
Donald Trump’s unexpected triumph in the Presidential election proves that the Left is wrong about everything.

The amassed columnists of the right have basically one column in 2020 and it’s about how the young are too woke, identity politics is everything, and the culture war is apparently being won by the Left, despite the left-wing in both the UK and the US having absolutely no access to the levers of political power. Apparently though, according to people like Gerard Baker — a former Wall Street Journal Editor-In-Chief — who castigated the ‘left’ as the establishment on the front page of The Times yesterday, it is the Left who define culture and the direction of travel for politics.

Today, again in The Times, James Forsyth, Political Editor of The Spectator (and husband of Boris Johnson’s TV spokesperson Allegra Stratton), suggests that both the Democrats and the British Labour Party should stay close to the right or risk alienating ‘white-collar voters’.

Caroline Flint, the former Labour MP, pushed a similar line on Twitter, with a thread that essentially concluded that nominally left-wing parties must try harder to not upset racists:

The British Labour right and the right-wing columnists would push these takes regardless of what happened in the US election. They are ideologically entrenched and will never shift from believing the only way to win is to condescend to bigots and avoid progressive positions.

The most beyond parody of these columns was by Iain Martin, a Times columnist and the editor of right-wing politics site Reaction…

… but one of the most reprehensible came from Telegraph leader writer and sometime contributor to BBC Radio 4’s religious Thought For The Day slot, Time Stanley, who declared that Trump — a multiple adulterer who waved the Bible around like a prop and has treated the Ten Commandments like a tick list of things you should ignore — had won a moral victory:

It is not simply that there is a division between the Left and Right, it is that the right-wing commentators are living in an entirely different reality. The columnists aren’t responding to what has happened, they’re just telling the same old story in the same old tedious way.

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