The New York Times’ Nazi article isn’t the canary in the coal mine. The canary is dead and the miners are digging Nazis now.

The New York Times thinks this is balance. It’s not. It’s another b-word: bullshit.

The New York Times has published a profile of a minor figure in the American fascist firmament, a kernel of sweetcorn clinging onto the matted hair around that puckered arsehole of evil.

It will tell you – and excuse the exercise with these arguments – that it is merely reporting, avoiding editorialising to just show the reality of white supremacy.

Only, the New York Times rarely – if ever – opens that opportunity to speak without commentary to anti-racist groups. It rarely writes about black activists as sympathetically as it has this fascist.

Did you know that nazis can get married? That nazis like pineapples, muffins and buying crap from Target?

Of course you did, because you’re not a complete moron.

But hey, the New York Times hammers this facile point home regardless:

This guy isn’t ‘polite’. This guy wants a white state and wants ethnic minorities to be murdered. But hey, he’d be nice to your mother. Unless she’s black. Or you’re mixed race. Or your Jewish. Or left wing. Or disabled. Oh and this little prick loves Seinfeld so that’s interesting, isn’t it?

It. Is. Not.

He’s a hypocrite like almost every Nazi is. Even Hitler managed to throw a few favours towards Jewish people he quite liked personally. But spoiler: that didn’t last long and he murdered more than 6 million people to advance his ideology. The one the New York Times profile gives sweet, sweet lately uncritical attention.

This is how Hitler gained and consolidated power in Germany. He played to the frustrations of working people left screwed by WWI reparations and the incompetence of the Weimar Republic.

Concentration camp guards were ordinary people. They went home at the end of the day and did their shopping. They screwed their partners and raised children. They thought they were doing a difficult job that had to be done

Ordinary people are the catalysts for the evil of dictatorships. They’re what make the wheels and cogs of a totalitarian state move efficiently.

The New York Times should be ashamed. The New York Times should watch a Louis Theroux documentary and see how you can explore the human side of monsters and still stand up to their awful views.

Heather Heyer, killed during the Charlottesville marches, which the fascist profiled in the New York Times helped organised, doesn’t have a future.

The millions of Jewish people, LBGT+ people, disabled people, Gypsies, mentally ill people, dissidents and activists who were killed by the Nazi regime these sawdust Caesar shitebags on the alt-right idealise – DIDN’T GET TO PLAN THEIR FUTURES.

I’ve cancelled my New York Times account. That means nothing to them in terms of revenue but it makes me feel that I have at least rejected a newsroom where reporting on fascists with a Vaseline-covered lens is utterly and unquestionably allowed.

Writer, editor and internet arguer.

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