The footballer and the faux-humble MP: Why Marcus Rashford understands power and Steve Baker doesn’t.

Marcus Rashford is using the power he has earned for good. MPs are using the power they gained for themselves…

Politics is about gaining and using power. Electoralism teaches us that the way you gain political power is through standing to be a Member of Parliament. That’s a lie. It’s the same kind of lie that tells us that the President of the United States is “the most powerful person in the world”. There are 100s, maybe even 1,000s of more powerful people in the world.

Money buys political power. Celebrity buys political power. Unions and other collective action can gain political power and wield it. Revolutionaries create the sparks that lead to political power.

Even unelected politicians like the execrable Nigel Farage – who got his political programme adopted – without ever making it in to Parliament, having to settle instead for a scintilla of power in the European Parliament, an assembly whose status he mocked and power he disputed.

Marcus Rashford is 22 years old. He is rich – through his own skill – and a footballer of huge talent. His status and fame give him an enormous platform and he has decided, admirably, to use it to exert pressure and through that pressure a form of political power.

Rashford terrifies career politicians and they have spent today swinging at him in an attempt to undermine his latest efforts to ensure that poor children do not starve during the school holidays. Poor excuses for political thinkers like Tory tool Ben Bradley cannot compete with him 👇🏻

Rashford pushed the government into a U-turn on school meals before and he will do it again. When Steve Baker tweeted that Rashford was the powerful one in their interaction, he didn’t know why he was right. Steve Baker, despite his association with the ERG, which has long had the Conservative Party in a chokehold, has extremely limited political clout.

Baker is a backbench MP and as popular as piles. Marcus Rashford is young, smart, talented and famous.

The government will manage a no-score draw at best, but it’s far more likely that just as he did against PSG, Rashford will put at least two goals past Boris Johnson and his team of Sunday League no-hopers.

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