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Writer, editor and internet arguer.

Mosley needed a personal army to silence his detractors. Imagine how convenient he’d have found a block button and an unassailable stage.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses promised Armageddon for decades. That “The Storm” failed to arrive won’t stop QAnon’s most committed.

Don’t you love brands pretending to have ‘values’ beyond ‘sell more stuff’?

Unilever disavows the behaviour of this particular ‘Anarchy’ AXE bodyspray.

On any given day, many of the most popular articles on Medium will be articles about how to make money on Medium. The entire system is a grift.

People who want to quietly get on with making money, going to brunch, and ignoring the bloody business of sustaining the system might tell you that the Biden years will be less ‘political’. That’s bullshit.

As the conclusion of the 2020 US Presidential election drags on, the usual suspects pressed publish on the columns they had ready regardless of whoever won.

Trump should not say he’s won, judges should not fix the election for him, police should protect people and not murder them…

A new interview with the venture capital firm’s ‘Editor-in-Chief’ soft soaps the reality of a media operation run by one of the world’s most powerful Venture Capital (VC) firms.

Pick a side or you risk falling between the gaps.

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