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Almost 87 years ago, Sir Oswald Mosley, then the leader of the British Union of Fascists, took the stage at the London Olympia. The Guardian called it “Mosley’s circus at Olympia” and wrote:

Sir Oswald Mosley provided close to 10,000 people in Olympia tonight with an entertainment which [circus proprietor]…

Unilever disavows the behaviour of this particular ‘Anarchy’ AXE bodyspray.

When a can of AXE body spray (it’s known as Lynx in the UK and other countries) was found in the debris left after the Capitol invasion, the brand managers at Unilever couldn’t stand idle. What if people decided that the fabled ‘Lynx Effect’ was actually a white supremacist radicalisation…

I think there are two major categories of public behaviours — those that have explicitly political content and those that have implicitly political content. People who airily dismiss their actions or even their entire selves as ‘apolitical’ are making a political choice, they simply do not want to own that…

It’s Choose-Your-Own-Shitty-Adventure for right-wing columnists:

Option A
Joe Biden barely winning the Presidential election proves the Left is to blame.


Option B
Donald Trump’s unexpected triumph in the Presidential election proves that the Left is wrong about everything.

The amassed columnists of the right have basically one column…

As the 2020 US Presidential election stumbles onwards, resolutely refusing to provide a clear winner, you’ll hear a lot from pundits, pollsters, and other assorted pillocks telling you what should happen. The problem is that in the past 10 years, we’ve increasingly seen things that should happen fail to arrive.

Andreessen Horowitz (aka A16z) is a hugely influential VC outfit. Its funds have backed Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, Stripe, Roblox and Medium, the very platform where I’m writing this criticism of the company. …

Mic Wright

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